Client Results

Strategic planning for a multi-billion dollar international energy company providing an integrated plan with corporate goals, functional initiatives, and associated support requirements, leading to personal strategic initiatives which support the plan.
Utilized POI process to optimize management elements and operating units of a half-billion dollar manufacturing division of a multi-billion dollar private international organization, aligning strategies, initiatives and talent while building a succession plan based on long-term strategy.
Analyzed structure and operation of a $1.5 billion healthcare plan, developing an implementation plan to streamline the organization, incorporate needed infrastructure and prepare for major growth.
Restructured multiple acquisitions into a functional organization, with engagements that included Business Plan Development, Strategic Planning, Process Change, Organization Restructure and Performance Planning to drive performance.
During a multi-year engagement by a billion dollar for-profit healthcare chain, provided insourced management at the executive level to affect numerous major change initiatives that resulted in cost reductions of $22 million over a 3-year period. Some of the change efforts we directed were: improved service delivery, implementing Integrated Hospital Systems, decentralizing the Finance function, and developing ancillary healthcare operations.
Reengineered a multi-billion dollar healthcare organization’s HR function to ensure standardization, technology structure and process, resulting in potential savings of $29 million over five years.
Facilitated a large organization through a downsizing effort and created annual savings of $18 million.
Completed the assimilation of two half-billion dollar companies and facilitated a Strategic Planning process to include the creation of Vision/Mission/Values for the combined company.
Created infrastructure for a multi-billion dollar international energy partnership, enabling growth from 10 employees to more than 500. Activities involved strategic planning, organization design, development of job descriptions, policies and procedures, and creation of compensation and performance management systems.
Created infrastructure for a domestic oil exploration company to position it for growth or sale.
Created plant expansion and plant relocation plans for two strategic business units of a private international business consortium to enable a new strategic direction and growth opportunities.
Completed market research analysis and business plans for manufacturing line extensions, plant expansions and new market entries to assist corporate growth.
An audit of a purchasing operation in a manufacturing organization reveals opportunities for cost savings through the formation of national contracts, new systems, and standard processes.
Business Development through an insourced management role brings rapid expansion of services through an acquisition program.
Reengineered the payroll process for a multi-billion dollar emergency medical service corporation, geared toward standardizations, new technology, organization and process, and creating potential savings of $6.3 million per year.
Optimized the structure and relationship of mortgage company partnerships for homebuilder organizations, resulting in establishing threshold performance parameters for the joint venture marketing company.
Evaluated current marketing practices and promotional activity, resulting in a change in the organization’s marketing practices.
The reengineering of the Admissions function of a premier behavioral healthcare operation leads to the formation of a "Care Coordination" (account management) approach to handling patients needs throughout the "continuum of care," providing a higher level of care and customer service at no additional cost.
An MIS sourcing analysis leads to a creative insourcing/outsourcing arrangement that stimulates competition and involves equity ownership to reduce software costs.
A human resource audit is conducted for a $600 million manufacturing organization to assure that all government laws are being applied effectively, resulting in organization and process changes when the potential exposure of thousands of dollars in fines was identified.
A senior executive is sourced in conjunction with an organization redesign.
A systems implementation is planned, structured and managed to build employee skills and build upon other hospital initiatives.
A temporary insourced management role as CIO brings focus to an MIS group, and alignment with business objectives.
The outsourcing of medical transcription leads to the formation of a joint venture business that not only reduces costs, but creates a new profit center that returns a revenue stream as well.
Optimized the customer service function of a large mortgage company through operational reviews, customer surveys and process change.
A sales organization finds new ways to relate to each other and their customers since being trained on the Personal Insight Inventory tool.
An equipment manufacturing company taps new revenue sources through the redesign of the parts function, done as a 'shared risk' consulting arrangement.