Personal Insight Inventory

In conjunction with Belle-Isle Insight Consulting, Inc., we are pleased to introduce a proven mechanism for improving working relationships in all types of organizations, through PERSONAL INSIGHT INVENTORY (PII). This tool helps maximize your best competitive advantage: your people. You recognize poor Human Resource management hurts the bottom line, and you know that people/culture issues must be dealt with for improved strategy implementation. But you also want real solutions, not just a quick fix. PII is a tool for building the integrated solution to individual, team or unit, managerial and organizational needs.

PII: A Personal and Organizational Assessment Tool

Lasting performance enhancement can be attained when an organization adequately addresses three specific systems in each individual: behavior, expectation and energy. Most tools present a composite blend of the first two but do not address the crucial energy system.

  • BEHAVIOR System: PII allows you to assess the strengths and value a given individual brings to an organization in their 'role.'
  • EXPECTATION System: PII allows you to understand and clarify expectations of yourself, peers, management and subordinates.
  • ENERGY System: PII builds understanding around how an individual invests energy (emotion) in your organization, as well as the environment, encouraging their "best and most creative" work on an ongoing basis.

How can PII improve performance?

Peak organizational performance is the result of the synergy of all systems within the larger organizational system performing effectively, individually and in tandem. PII facilitates this synergy through four avenues:

  • INDIVIDUAL: An employee will understand their behavior and emotional needs, promoting enhanced self management, increased personal effectiveness and trustworthiness.
  • INTERPERSONAL: Individuals will have greater awareness of each other's needs and strengths, promoting trust and team effectiveness.
  • MANAGEMENT: Management will gain valuable insight and direction in developing and empowering their most valuable resource and today's primary competitive advantage: their people.
  • ORGANIZATION: The corporation will receive information critical for alignment of people with business strategies.