Strategic Business Partners

Throughout our practice we have brought in Strategic Business Partners to help clients in specific areas that need to be covered during our engagements. These Strategic Partners are highly-respected in their areas of expertise, and are individuals and firms that we have known and worked with for years. Our relationships with these partners work in three distinct venues:

  1. We refer them to our clients if only their expertise is required for specific work;
  2. We include them in our engagements where their expertise is needed; or
  3. We work with them on their engagements where our expertise is required.

SSi is our Strategic Business IT Partner, demonstrating valuable services to a wide range of clients in healthcare, oil and gas, telecom, and more:

  1. Senior consulting services : Assisting senior management to align business and IT direction and then manage the execution to ensure
    on-time, on-budget delivery.
  2. Custom solutions development : Remote or on-site custom applications development including .Net development, business intelligence and process automation. SSi has also developed a wide range of commercial applications for clients including software running in over 300 hospitals coast to coast.
  3. IT on-site and remote infrastructure management : SLA based monitoring and management of clients’ network, servers, databases, applications, and desktops. SSi projects include consolidating systems into virtual environments and more.