InSight Solutions Group

In business since 1983, InSight Solutions Group (formerly the Elder Group) has consistently helped clients improve performance. Let us provide you with innovation, knowledge and experience for rapid achievement of superior results.

We are in the business of helping organizations deal with change. Our clients’ locations include sites in North and South America, and they range in size from start-up to multi-billion dollar corporations in revenue. Working with C-Level executives we provide methodologies, tools, resources and infrastructure to improve performance.

Our Clients Select Us For:
Transformation Performance Improvement
Cultural Integration Process Reengineering
Strategic Planning Infrastructure Development
Business Development Organizational Development
Vision/Mission/Values Formation Compliance
We will ANALYZE and provide:
Redesigned processes
Application design and vendor selection
Objective, unbiased solutions
We will PLAN and provide:
Strategic and operational alignment
Service and delivery improvement
Organizational redeployment
Systems implementation
We will MANAGE and provide:
Insourced personnel
Project management
Specialized skills
We will EDUCATE and provide:
Mentoring and coaching
Training development and design